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Thank you for your interest in Palmer's Gymnastics!

We are a family owned and operated business established with the idea that children are the world's most precious gift! More than 40 years of experience has allowed us to establish excellent, progressive programs…far outdistancing other local clubs, studios and park districts. Palmer's has a "family" atmosphere characterized by the love, respect and dedication we have for our students. The adventure you and your child are about to embark on will be a very special one (yes, it will be your adventure too). Over the years we have had the pleasure of watching hundreds of children learn, grow, develop and mature into confident young adults who are ready to face the world. We look forward to the unique opportunities that working with your child will present. This undertaking will give your child a stage on which to develop his/her confidence, poise, individuality, determination, appreciation for dedicated effort and self - respect. They will also have a lot of FUN! Thank you for the trust you place in us to teach and mentor your children. We are aware of the magnitude of this responsibility and we pledge our best effort!

With warmest regards,

Neil Palmer, President



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