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Parking Lot Policies & Procedures

 Very important information regarding the drop off and pick up of your child at our facility. We occupy Units 101 & 102 with entry made through Unit 101 of the building.  For your safety, we ask that you enter through the NORTH driveway, and find a parking space on the north side of the building.  When leaving, please drive around the back of the building and exit via the SOUTH driveway.  (See map below)

****For your safety along with the safety of our other families we ask that you DO NOT PARK YOUR CARS IN FRONT OF THE ENTRY DOORS (UNITS 101, 102, 103 & 104).

If you would like to just drop your child off, please enter through the north driveway and pull straight up along the side of Unit 101 to let your child off. (See yellow highlighted “Drop Off Only” area in below map)  Then continue straight around the back of the building and exit via the south driveway.  If you will not be coming in the building to pick your child up, please pull in a designated parking space on the sideor rear of our building to wait. The Drop Off Zone is for just that to drop off, not to park and wait J! 

We ask that you do not park in front of the building, for the safety of the children entering and exiting the building.   It is impossible to see a child crossing the driveway when cars are parked along the front of the building.  Safety is a top priority here at Palmer’s.  We appreciate your understanding, and therefore ask you to please park your car in the designated parking areas only.  

We would like to thank you for your cooperation in regards to this important matter!

Click here for Parking Lot Policies & Procedure Map



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